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If you have ever already been morbidly curious about any outcome of hot anime guys, consequently look no further than this list

If you have ever already been morbidly curious about any outcome of hot anime guys, consequently look no further than this list

Otome gaming — artistic work of fiction internet dating sims where female protagonist can romance several appealing guy — have grown to be ever more popular and available in the western. With one of these game arrived numerous beautiful, emotionally turmoiled males willing to come throughout the character and fulfill the member’s wish for an amazing and flawlessly appealing date.

However, for every reluctant gentleman and jerkass with cardiovascular of silver there is a weird, possessive, or sadistic appreciate focus who are able to simply be referred to as psychotic. I suppose that is certainly just some women’ thing, but the rest of us are only able to rest in terror even as we watch our personal self-insert become tormented, controlled, and worse on-screen.

If you’ve ever already been severely curious about survival in an uncertain future of horny anime males, next look no further than this write. You need to be warned: spoilers are all around, plus some belonging to the dynamics definitions are triggering and/or NSFW. Satisfied a relationship!


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At first, Toma comes across as a sort, protecting older-brother type, the child pal in our amnesiac character escort girls in Bend OR. When the woman of Amnesia breaks in front of your in the very beginning of the video game, the guy rushes her towards medical facility and set their own lifestyle away to look after the girl once she’s released.

Sadly, his desire to secure the heroine from risk eventually proves tough, as he makes use of the girl ram condition in order to pretend getting the lady companion, take this model contact and computers battery pack, and whisk her off to his own household all so he is able to protect her through the cruel pranks being played on her behalf by the girl male friend’s set of crazy fangirls (bad egg within the mailbox, emails asking the girl to devote self-destruction, etc.)

The circumstance gets to be more unsettling bash woman “disobeys” their purchase not to ever leave their home if you wish to make an effort to determine what’s occurring and get back them memory, and instead of stuffing them in in the circumstances like a standard person, the man drugs this model maintain her asleep many of the night and in the end locks this model in your pet dog cage. That he then fills with stuffed wildlife and childlike products, since he feels she continue to enjoys alike items she managed to do as a child. Creepy.

They becomes worse as part of his poor stop, exactly where actually suggested he or she at some point rapes the woman, immediately after which chains them through the crate and treats this model like their private doll as she slowly and gradually seems to lose the girl sense of own. In case before the man reaches that level of yandere he or she finds out that the heroine truly admired your all along, he or she apologizes and designs her free of charge and additionally they live gladly have ever after, I guess. Yay, relationship.

Kanato Sakamaki

Diabolik Devotees

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Ah, Diabolik Aficionados. This vampire-themed otome team possess an entire treasure-trove of psychotic, rapey men — but if anybody requires the dessert for slip element, it is living shota Kanato.

The kid’s place is full of polish dolls (which used becoming true anyone), the man throws intensely hysterical outbursts to acquire his own ways, and then he holds across and foretells a teddy-bear stuffed with their mama’s ashes. And like all his vampiric brethren, he doesn’t bring a crap about agree or niceties, and is also perfectly ready change, intimately punishment, and have the bloodstream of the woman without deciding on her own desires.

I assume you can actually excuse his own factors because of his own sad Past and self-harm tendencies, however, it’s probably an improved strategy to consider men like this into the psych ward than give him or her your whole body, blood stream, and cardio.

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